Vinyasa (Live)

by Nathan Zavalney

Released 2013
Missoula Soundworks
Released 2013
Missoula Soundworks
Meditative, ambient instrumental music recorded live during Vinyasa Flow yoga classes. Instruments include acoustic guitar, flutes, gongs, frame drums, tabla, tuned percussion, keyboards, duduk, and cello. Perfect for meditation, yoga, and movement.
Nathan's music is a multi-layered, flowing soundscape that comes directly from the timeless presence, and open focus of improvising musical accompaniment for yoga classes. Using a broad array of sounds and instruments, he creates deep musical spaces that provide a perfect accompaniment for meditation, yoga, movement, or adding soothing flow to any activity.

Here's what Nancy Ruby, Founder/President of YogaMotion® School for Well Being has to say about Nathan's music:
"Nathan has a unique ability to connect with the intention of the moment with his sound and vibrations. From the flow of waterfalls and babbling brooks, to the smooth tones of a flute, from the vibratory ring of a gong, to the sweet finger-strumming of guitar, or the beat of the drum, Nathan’s collaboration of music with yoga is a joy to the senses."

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