The Place Between Rock and Sky

by Nathan Zavalney

Released 2016
Released 2016
Nathan's music is a multi-layered, flowing soundscape that provides a perfect accompaniment for yoga and meditation. Using a broad array of sounds and instruments, he creates deep, flowing musical spaces.
Nathan Zavalney creates meditative, ambient instrumental music using a variety of instruments that include acoustic guitar, flutes, gongs, frame drums, tabla, tuned percussion, keyboards, duduk, and cello.

Nathan's tracks are multi-layered, flowing soundscape that holds a space of timeless presence, and open focus. Using a broad array of sounds and instruments, he creates deep musical spaces that provide a perfect accompaniment for meditation, yoga, movement, or adding soothing flow to any activity.

Here's what Nancy Ruby, Founder/President of YogaMotion® School for Well Being has to say about Nathan's music:
"Nathan has a unique ability to connect with the intention of the moment with his sound and vibrations. From the flow of waterfalls and babbling brooks, to the smooth tones of a flute, from the vibratory ring of a gong, to the sweet finger-strumming of guitar, or the beat of the drum, Nathan’s collaboration of music with yoga is a joy to the senses."

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