Saturn Return

by Nathan Zavalney

Released 2005
Satsang Music
Released 2005
Satsang Music
Original instrumental soundscapes that blend hypnotic desert rhythms with flowing melodies and improvisations. Middle Eastern drums and percussion are combined with guitar, flute, didgeridoo, soprano saxophone, duduk, and violin.
Saturn Return
The new CD from Drum Brothers member, Nathan Zavalney!

A collection of original instrumental soundscapes that combine hypnotic desert rhythms with flowing melodies and improvisations.

Saturn Return is a solo CD release by multi-instrumentalist and Drum Brothers member, Nathan Zavalney, with guest musicians Lawrence Duncan and Micheal Marsolek of Drum Brothers, and Beth Youngblood of Mandir. Middle Eastern drums and percussion are combined with guitar, flute, didgeridoo, soprano saxophone, duduk, and violin to create music that is soothing and evocative.

The music of Saturn Return was used as the soundtrack of the 2005 Gypsy Spirit instructional DVD, "Kelli Marie Presents Belly Dance for Fitness and Health", and uses a variety of tempos, rhythms, styles, and arrangements that are well suited for accompaniment of belly dance classes, dance improvisation, and performance choreography.

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From the Missoula Independent
Vol. 16, No. 43, Oct. 27th - Nov. 3rd, 2005
Western Montana's Weekly Journal of People, Politics and Culture

By Quinn Riedy

Nathan Zavalney's Saturn Return definitely sounds like the product of cosmic intervention. Zavalney, who's fluent on several instruments and a member of the local world-percssion group Drum Brothes, initially recorded this collection of ambient instrumental originals as a soundtrack for an instructional belly dancing DVD. That may sound cheesy, but Saturn Return does not.
Zavalney's debut delivers mystical Eastern soundscapes that transport you to the other side of the world, fusing Middle-Eastern drums with a wide range of exotic accompanying instruments such as the didgeridoo, kandira and the Armenian double-reed-duduk. Hightlights include "Dream Sequence," wherein Beth Youngbloods' violin soars eloquently over a steady percussve beat reminiscent of 1999's American Beauty soundtrack. Other standouts include "Terra Firma" and "Trance Figure," which showcase Michael Marsolek's udu drum and are firmly anchored by thunderous percussion grooves that evoke a sense of indigenous tribal rituals.
In the end, Saturn Return is a worldly and poetic meditation music with no need for lyrics to convey its message.

A native Montanan, Nathan Zavalney is multi-instrumentalist, composer, and teacher.

As a trained and certified Childbloom instructor, he has been director of the Childbloom Guitar Program of Missoula for the past five years, specializing in teaching musical skills to young students. He is the owner and engineer of Burning the Midnight Oil Recording Studio, where he recently produced a CD of Missoula singer/songwriter Maren Christensen, titled "Resilient Child".

Nathan has participated in many collaborative performances with groups and individual artists. He's worked with the University of Montana dance department, Missoula belly dancer Kelly Neumeyer, violinist Beth Youngblood, and singer/songwriter Maren Christensen.

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