Music for Yoga, Meditation, Movement, and Relaxation by multi-instrumentalist Nathan Zavalney.

 Nathan's music is influenced by a wide range of sounds and styles including classical guitar, West African and Middle Eastern drumming and melodic improvisation, new age, jazz, and more.
     Using acoustic guitar, wind instruments (including duduk, bansuri flute, and Native American flutes), cello, percussion from around the globe, gongs, ambient nature sounds, and electronic sounds Nathan creates atmospheric flowing music that is evocative, multi-layered, focusing, and soothing.

        For the past 15 years, Nathan has focused on creating and performing music for yoga classes and workshops, intentional movement, meditation, and performance art. 

        Here is what Nancy Ruby, Founder/President of YogaMotion® School for Well Being says about her collaboration with Nathan for her yoga classes and workshops:

"Nathan has a unique ability to connect with the intention of the moment and support the experience of the group with his addition of sound and vibrations. From the flow of waterfalls and babbling brooks, to the smooth tones of a flute, from the vibratory ring of a gong, to the sweet finger-strumming of guitar, or the beat of the drum, Nathan’s collaboration of music with yoga is a joy to the senses."


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